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Tired yet not exhausted

Monday February 16th 2009

by Paul Armstrong

I expected the nearly 8 year lapse of the pooping, eating, sleeping routine would reek havoc on my aged bones but I find that being older has made a few things easier. Perhaps I'm more organized, or more prepared; I'm tired, but not exhausted.


They say with age comes wisdom - I say with change comes wisdom. What we knew of ourselves, of our life, of our abilities in 2001 has drastically altered in 2009. Eight years ago life was very different for us. We lived in a 2 bedroom home in Oakley, I was a partner in a downtown design firm, a consistent paycheck, a church we could remain anonymous in, and we had a 2 year old. Now I no longer have a steady paycheck, but I understand the value of effecient work more than I ever have. We longer wish to be anonymous in church, rather we happily volunteer and remain active in the community. Our two kids are (nearly) 8 and (nearly) 10, and (most) self-sufficient. 


Are we wiser? I'd like to think we're making better choices, setting better boundries and putting more thought into our daily lives. In 2017 (whoa, in 8 years it'll 2017? Crazy - where are the flying cars?) I'm sure I'll have a new perspective on our lives. Those eight years of trials, heartache, growth, passion, beards and new paths have taught us many things.


Tired yet not exhausted. I think when someone feels exhausted, or weary, its because they can't perceive of any relief or end to what they're experiencing. Enduring for an unknown amount of time is draining, and eventually being tired turns into being exhausted. Being older, maybe wiser, has taught us to know that this period of waking frequently to change poop, sleeping in a crammed bed, and juggling new duties, will not last forever.




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