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Recap: LOST 'LeFleur' (S5,E8)

Thursday March 5th 2009

by Paul Armstrong

THE Statue


Wow. Wow. Wow. If this imag doesn't make you excited about this episdoe then either you aren't paying attention, or you're not really a fan of the show. I expect surprises and revelations, but nothing that does both simultaneously. All I can say is that if you missed this episode, find a way to watch it — now.



What We Learned

  • Giant Statue! Giant Statue!!
    For all of 2 seconds we get a glimpse of the full statue (which belongs to the 4-toed foot we've seen in a Season 2 episode), right after they realize that Locke is somewhere underground
  • As long as it takes
    Realizing that something has changed, and Locke suceeded; the gang realizes that they must wait and find Locke, because he was right.
  • It's 1974 and a good day to put a sack over someone's head and shoot them
    After barely contemplating the statue, everyone above ground is transported again; but this time differently (as they all realize). They find Daniel sitting and mumbling about Charlette (dying and then disappearing). The gang make way toward the beach and stumble on some "Others" attempting and execution; which Julia/Sawyer stop.
  • It's 1977 and Saywer is Jim
    We jump to 3 years later (still in the past) and see a drunken Horace throwing dynamite. This alarms some "observers" who tell a dude named Jim; or Sawyer; who gets Jin (what's his new name?) and pick up Horace before making too much a scene.
  • Trust no one, not even a woman who was saved from death
    After being rescued from execution, Amy proceeds to babble about a "truce" and buryhing the bodies and bringing back her dead husband. She takes everyone back toward the camp, only to trick them at the "sonic" fence. They all wake up with Horace questioning who they are. Sawyer does what he does best and tells them about a shipwreck and makes up the name Jim LeFleur.
  • Richard Alpert, again
    Alarms go off and everyone runs for hiding. And Richard Alpert comes walking into view. He and Horace have a chat about the broken truce and what has to happen next. Sawyer approaches Richard, confessing to killing the men while blowing Richard's mind with knowledge of the past (though, I must say, Richard doesn't seem as surprised as I'd think). Horace recommends that they all go back on the submarine in 3 days. Julia wants to jump on the chance, but Sawyer wants a sidekick.
  • Evertying seems rosy and nice
    Jim/Sawyer helps Amy as she goes into labor, to find out that her baby is breech, and the "doctor" there has no idea what he's doing. Jim/Sawyer immediately goes to Juliet and tells her the situation; she reluctantly agrees (fearful of her track record of pregnant woman on the island and them ultiamtely dying). But everything turns out just fine. Also -- Charlette's here, as a little girl (I suppose she cannot exist as 2 differnet people at the same time and thus disappared?)
  • Love lost and love gained
    Sawyer and Juliet seem truly happy together, but you know that Kate (and Jack and Hurley and Sayid) are on their way. Sawyer gets a call from Jin, and for some reason doesn't tell Juliet; and goes to see his friends again.


Sawyer and Julia


What We Don't Know

  • The Statue
    What time period where they in with the statue? Apparently its the Egyptian god Horus (which explains the need to show the necklace of Amy's dead husband Paul). The statue must have a link to the Temple, and the strange "sickness" that seems to come over people when they enter. But about the black smoke monster? Is it gathering people to the temple, to brainwash them?
  • Richard Alpert
    The more you see of Richard, the less he seems to make sense. How does he never age? Does he really not know who Sawyer is, or is he pretending? Are he and Ben in cahoots to overthrow the Dharma Intiative (and stop some ancient prophecy, that perhaps the temple is all about in connection with John Locke?)
  • Why 1974?
    Why is everything conveining on 1974? What happens now (then) that makes it the central time for everyone to appear. This must be the battle to which Charles Widmore eludes.
  • What does this all mean to the present (or future)?
    If all of the survivors are now suddenly in 1974, but still crashed in the future -- does this mean that by changing anything of the events of 1974 that their present is all fake, or alternate reality?
  • New Survivors
    Are these new survivors plants by Ben; to help him in fighting a battle he obviously knew was coming (a battle about what though, against?)


There is so much more to ponder and think about ... but I can't even process.

What are your thoughts?




Comments for "Recap: LOST 'LeFleur' (S5,E8)"

actually, i think the statue might be Anubis. the head just looked a little more like a dog/jackal head to me, rather than a bird's. plus Anubis is the god of the dying/embalming/nether world, which would really play into the themes of death and resurrection that keep cropping up.

at any rate, the connection to Egypt suddenly makes the Tunisia connection to the island a little more interesting. maybe there's something in its history that ties back to Northern Africa?

Typical LOST fashion, we get a glimpse of something that the diehard fans have been dying to know about, and we flash through time yet again without getting any answers.

Personal theory, Richard Alpert is one of the original crew members of the Blackrock. Through some sort of "connection" to the island, he never ages. Explains why he was wearing what appeared to be period garb the first time Ben encountered him in the jungle while pursuing his erstwhile ghost-mommy.

I think you're on to something re: the "new" survivors - although I don't think that there's been any evidence that these survivors (plus Locke and Ben) are in the same time as the teleported survivors. Ben has proven himself to be manipulative enough to orchestrate the arrival of key individuals to aid him in his battle.

It is interesting how we've come full circle in a way. We started off with the original survivors crashing on the island. There were the "others" who were to be (rightfully so) feared and suspicious of. Now we have a new batch of survivors, along with the old survivors. The noobs are going to be instantly suspicious of the teleported survivors and in a way we're going to see a recreation of that us vs. them dichotomy that originally propelled the show. Compound this with the revelations from last night, throwing the Dharma survivors into the mix, and you have a very interesting situation indeed.

Horace and Sawyer's conversation about "moving on" was my personal highlight from the evening, probably b/c it hit home for me in a way. It was refreshing to see sawyer drop the tough guy facade and actually be human for a few moments.

Good call on Anubis -- I was going by what Lost Easter Eggs had put, but you're right, that would make much more sense. I was thinking exactly the same thing about Tunisia exit. Perhaps the "hint" is that the temples, gods, structures of Egypt came from the island?

Either way, its an amazing little subplot that I'm wondering how ties into the rest of the series. Is there something with Egypt and time travel (I'm not up on my ancient history)?

@Chad: I loved seeing Sawyer genuinely happy -- but then he goes and hides and lies about Kate and them coming back; why would he do that? I don't think he and Kate should be together at all. They are not good for one another.

Interesting about Richard. There is so little known still about the Black Rock (and who may or may not have survived); let's also not forget that cave where they found old bodies.

It's funny how this show is starting to remind me of another show that I love (and is coming to an end) -- Battlestar Galactica; they have running theme "All this has happened before, and will happen again" ... seems very true for LOST as well.

Brilliant comparison re: LOST vs. BSG - it could very well turn out (in fact is already turning out in BSG's case) that there literally is nothing new under the sun.

As far as the Egypt connection - watch for a Stargate SG1 tie in very soon! :-)


It seems like the way Lost plans to deal with time travel is to say that everything that happened, happened. So, if you raise a question like, what if Future Sawyer ran into Past Sawyer and killed him? The answer is: he didn't. At least, that is how Faraday keeps explaining it. I like it because it's simple.

Also, I loved the scene with Sawyer and Richard Alpert. It was very gratifying to watch Sawyer drop some knowledge.

Ugh, I'm an idiot. Juliet. Juliet. I changed it. At least I was close.

@shane: but what's weird then, if that's true, then how is existing in 2 different time period (while being the exact same age) simple? Daniel used to say that you couldn't change anything that hadn't happened (in the past). So I guess Sawyer, Juliet, et al -- always had existed in the past? I wonder if there is any evidence in past episodes .... at least we know why we saw Daniel in the Orchid as it was being built.

Hey, with a new little one around, I am surprised you are coherent enough to get 4/6 of the letters right. :)

I always look forward to your Lost posts!

As far as Egypt and Anubis, the thing I can think of isn't all that momumental. Not sure of any time travel obsessions, but they were obsessed with eternal life (i.e. mummies and sending along food, supplies and servants for recently deceased royalty) and with magic (again, often related to death/eternal life). Just hope their penchant for god-emperors who tended to have... let's just say... not very many branches on the family tree don't figure in! :-)

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