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Recap: LOST 'Dead is Dead' (S5,E12)

Thursday April 9th 2009

by Paul Armstrong

Benjamin Linus

The Monster, The Temple and John Locke the savior. We finally get some insights into the true nature of the ancient island, Ben is judged by the "monster", the rift between Widmore and Ben is discovered, oh, and NEVER TRUST Ben, that and much more from "Dead is Dead". WARNING, SPOILERS AHEAD.


Dead is Dead

I realize I didn't recap last week, not for lack of want, but mostly for lack of time (and I know I said something about moving everything to a new website and yadda yadda, but I haven't had time for that either). Besides the fact that it was a Kate-centric episode, it was also a tad dull. The only thing slightly interesting was the fact that Jack's douche-y-ness (in refusing to help the wounded young Ben) is the reason Ben became the master-manipulator he is today (or is that yesterday?). Anyway, here's the recap of last night's episode.


What We Learned

  • Horses. The Others had horses?
  • A (youngish) Charles Widmore isn't a fan of the (young) Ben infiltrating their camp (as he confronts Richard). "You should be dead, but this island, it saved your life".
  • Locke freaks Ben out, sort of, though Ben had hoped that returning Locke to the island would bring him back to life - and it did. Ben said he came back to be "judged" by the "monster".
  • There is something odd about this "crate" that the new survivors are "moving" – as well as Cesar and this "my friend' remarks. All of them seem to know more than they let on. 
  • Apparently to look young you only need more hair. A young Ethan and Ben kidnap Rousseau's baby (though, they were supposed to kill Rousseau and the baby - for unknown reasons)
  • John and Ben talk about the elephant in the room. Ben says he killed John because the only way to get everyone back to the island was for John to be dead (though Ben also needed "critical" information, so John couldn't be allowed to commit suicide). John? He just wanted an apology.
  • John takes ahold of his birthright, and leads Ben to his judgement (in the Temple, to the monster).
  • "Consider that my apology" ... and just like that Ben kills Cesar (who for some reason had a sawed off shotgun in his bag - which Ben swiped). I'd like to think its because Cesar annoyed everyone with his "my friend" phrase, or that he knew more than we were lead to believe; otherwise he's a pointless character.
  • Ben might have a heart afterall? Moreso than Charles. Charles only wants to protect the island (which one must think he's been brainwashed by the "temple")
  • "You have no idea what the island wants" ... "Are you sure?"
  • Sun shows Ben the photograph from 1977, Ben seemed surprised, but I don't buy that; do you? Sun also mentions Christian, which seems to make Ben bristle a bit.
  • To summon the monster Ben has to enter a secret room in his old house, in a cave, where there is some standing water. He pulls what one could only assume is a drain plug, and the water goes into a hole, wherein Ben says "I'll be outside".
  • Charles gets escorted off the island (by Ben I assume?) some years after he asks Ben to kill the baby and Rousseau, for regularly leaving the island and "breaking the rules". More talk about what the island wants.
  • Ben attempts to kill Penny (in revenge for Charles killing Alex) before boarding the Guam flight, but Desmond stops him (and beats the crap out of him)
  • Frank gets drubbed by some of the new survivors who take charge (and find guns) and say this "What lies in the shadow of the statue?"
  • While in the guts of the Temple, Ben falls through the floor, into some sort of sanctuary, with hieroglyphics on the walls. He walks up to what looks like an altar, and the black smokes begins to pour through small holes in the floor, and begins to envelop Ben flash his life before his eyes; and then disappears back into the holes. Ben has be spared.


Facing destiny


What We Don't Know

  • The Temple
    What is this ancient civilization that built the Temple? Does it cause people to worship the island?
  • Anubis
    What exactly is the "monster"?  It appears to be the angel of death (much as the Bible speaks of death passing over the houses of the Israelites who have put blood above their doorposts in Exdous 12).
  • Jacob
    Who is Jacob? Everyone seems to "know" but really know. I still say Christian Shepherd is Jacob. Or is Jacob merely a ghost of Anubis?
  • Charles Widmore
    With Charles leaving the island so frequently (and somehow this being a rule not to break), what happened as a result of him leaving the island (aside from starting a family)?
  • John Locke
    I'm starting to think John is some rightful heir to the throne of Anubis or some crazy non-sense like that. Reincarnation? Spirit? Something is different about John. Unrealized.
  • New Survivors
    "What lies in the shadow of the statue?" -- what does this mean? Are they brainwashed by the Temple? I belive they are working for Widmore, for what reason, who knows.
  • Daniel Faraday?
    Where is Daniel? It would be helpful to get his warped insight. Did he kill himself? Go mad? Leave the island?


What do you think? What did you notice and what are your thoughts?




Comments for "Recap: LOST 'Dead is Dead' (S5,E12)"

When they pull the wheel they end up in Egypt. I think the island was originally there and is now moving to hide it from the world.

Which led to a comment last night that possibly the island is Eden. That the monster is the angel to protect it.

Again. It's like shooting into the dark.

(I would have mentioned how the monster incarnated itself as Alex to get the point across to Ben)

Love the blog, especially the LOST recaps.

I'd be with you on the Eden thing, except for the fact that the writers (Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof) have both said repeatedly that the island is not Eden, nor Purgatory, nor anything that can't be explained scientifically or with history/reason. We'll see if they break their own rules.

The time travel is the hardest for me to swallow, those I suppose in theory its always been a potential "scientifically" (but I hear the jury is still out on science).

I wonder if the plane crash survivors are somehow related to people who have been on the island in the past, whether hostiles or others. I wonder if the Oceanic survivors are related too.

I only just noticed that the Armstrong Family Circus logo changes size as the browser window changes size. Now THAT is awesome and difficult to comprehend.

as for Daniel,we did see him in the season premiere, when the dr gets called to the excavation site. as the doc is leaving, he bumps into Daniel. so, he was there at some point in the dharma past, and seemed to be part of dharma. then again, who knows if he was spying on dharma or working for them or if something happened in the three years between joining dharma and the return of jack and co.

Great recap, but I totally missed the horses. now I need to watch it again. =]

Yeah, I think bounty hunter girl was hired by Widmore and the question was a code phrase to see who they could trust.

Alex's appearance has got me stuck on the "dead is dead" reference. I think most agree that Christian and Alex and probably Claire are all manifestations of Jacob and/or the Smoke Monster. And that they are actually dead. The producers have said "if someone dies, they're dead." So, what does that mean for John? Dead or no?

I wonder when we will see Christian on the island. He's had to have been there before. Also did he get punished for starting a family? Err two families. I think he was kicked off the island ala Widmore and was flying back and forth to Australia to try to get back much like his own son would do.

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