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Recap: LOST 'LA X' (S6,E1)

Wednesday February 3rd 2010

by Paul Armstrong

Spa of Youth

Remember how this final season would reveal all the questions we had built up over 5 seasons, 103 episodes? Yeah, not so much; unless you consider parallel universes, a whole new tribe of "others" on the island and a body count like a bad revenge movie answers. LOST is back, and its still confusing as hell.


LA X Parts 1 & 2

I honestly don't even know where, or how, to start a recap. Obviously I saw what happened, I witnessed it. But comprehend I did not. I'll do my best to suss out the major happenings from last night's episode; I'll also request everyone to give me their input (because Lord knows I need it)

What We Learned

  • After the white-out we're made to believe that we're back on the flight to LA (ignoring the fact that Jack doesn't have that first season short-crop hair, Rose and Bernard look bloated, and Boone isn't as gaunt — but we'll attribute that to the it-isn't-real-but-maybe-it-is-real alternate timeline theory). We follow Jack and what once preceded the crash now is just some turbulence. A quick scan to the ocean and we see the island (Othersville and all) submerged, or at least hastily recreated in 3D.
  • Kate however wakes up, near deaf, in a tree. On the island. With Miles and James and Hurley and ... well, everyone else.
  • Guess what — parellel universe (as was eluded to with the manuscript "Bad Twin" in Season 2 et al)
  • Juliet is dead, which is Jack's fault, naturally.
  • Sayid is dead, which is Jack's fault, naturally.
  • Jacob appears to Hurley and tells him how to save Sayid (by going to the Temple, with the guitar case).
  • The reset didn't work, which is Jack's fault, naturally. But it actually did. Or did it? Yeah, it did. Or at least that's what Miles says that dead Juliet told him.
  • In parallel-world Kate escapes (big shock), Charlie gets arrested for drug possession (though, almost dies from suffocation, but doesn't — which is Jack's fault, naturally), Jin gets held for not claiming copious wads of cash. John Locke is paralyzed and sad. Jack (still with the wrong hair) has lost his father.
  • Noticebaly absent: Shannon, Clare, Anna Lucia, Mr. Eko and Libby.
  • Not-John-Locke is the Black Smoke.
  • Ben feels manipulated by Not-John-Locke; only when he finds out that he was tricked into killing Jacob for him, and after Richard shows him Real-John-Locke dead on the beach. Oops, sorry Ben.
  • The people who asked "What lies in the Shadow of the Statue?" ... sent to protect Jacob, but they sucked at it and they all died.
  • Lawnmower Man anyone?
  • Not-John-Locke is pissed and really wants off that island.
  • Richard most likely came on the Black Rock (which doesn't explain why he doesn't seem to age)
  • So, there's this temple. And in this temple is a maze. And you hear the whispers. And suddenly you're surrounded by new people and Genghis Khan and Sol Star and a fountain, or spa, or youth. And the guitar case has a fake ancient cross with an old parchment of names.
  • Ah, there's Cindy and the kids. They got taken by the Other Others. Or is that the Holy Others?
  • Sayid is still dead. And that means they're "in trouble". But wait, no ... he's awake and asking what happened.


What Does It Mean?

We're going with a new section in that this is the final season and it's high time to make insane and wildly inaccurate assumptions. You know, like usual.

  • I want NOT to believe that Sayid is Jacob, because it seems somewhat corny. But if Silas (which is what I call him, because of this) can become John Locke Not-John-Locke, than I guess this seems logical. Thought I'm not sure why he'd ask "What happened?" if he were Jacob, you'd think Jacob would know.
  • But who and why are Jacob and Silas on the island (the big question)? Perhaps it's hell, and Silas is Satan and he wants to go back to Heaven, but Jacob is there to prevent that from happening. The issue with that is why all the people crashing there? If it's hell, wouldn't there be a lot more people there? At the very least Hitler. It also doesn't seem to mesh with what the creators have emphatically said — that the island is not hell or purgatory (though, they're entitled to change their mind). Which leaves only Greek mythology.
  • Read up on this, the Many-Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics (which was incidentally created by Eels singers, Mark Oliver Everett's father) and really get confused.
  • I think the template maze is a path to another time and or dimension — much in the same way to find the island the helicopter had to follow precise coordinates. Who these people are, how they got here, or how long they have been there remains to be seen. I don't even have a guess.
  • What do we make of Christian Shepherd. His role is much more integrated than we know (I think), especially after the whole "we lost his coffin" thing.
  • Why is Desmond on the plane — and then gone?
  • What did Cindy mean by the "first" plane crash? Leads me to think that they're in the future.
  • Parallel World can't be real, or at least, it can't stay as it is. Much like Back to the Future II's string theory; the white-out in effect created a split in time. What Jacob, Not-John-Locke, Richard, the temple and the Spa of Youth have to do with it; who knows.


To sum up: It's all Jacks fault, naturally. What are your thoughts?




Comments for "Recap: LOST 'LA X' (S6,E1)"

---So what if everything is corrected like it was on the island just in a different way? Jack heals Locke through surgery instead of the island healing him. Kate still stands trial and is confined to CA like after they get off the island, etc. etc.? I just don't know!

---I can't believe I had to watch Sawyer say good bye to Juliet so many times in one episode it was killing me!

---I loved that Hurley seems to have found some purpose to his being there. "Can you save him Jack? Then why don't you let me do it"

---What does it mean that Clare was in the cab that Kate hijacked and not on the plane?

---I loved loved loved befuddled and confused Ben. From his face to the way he just stood there with his jaw on the floor and his arms hanging when NJL wiped his blade after going all smokie on the Shadow of the Statue dudes.

---I don't think Not-John-Locke wants to get off the island. I think he might consider the temple his home and he wants to go back there. I think that Jacob being alive was preventing him from going back there and now he's hell bent on getting his home back. Hence the panic from the temple others when Hurley told them that Jacob was dead and the copious flinging of the ash.

---What about when they said Lapidis would be a good candidate? Could they have meant him to be a candidate in case something happened to Jacob? I don't think Sayid is Jacob either.

---Maybe Cindy meant "first" as in Oceanic flight that she was on and not the Aljura flight that Illana and the "shadow of the statue" people were on?

Ack! Is it next Tuesday yet?!

Ah, it wouldn't be a Lost season premiere if it didn't raise more questions than it answered.

I think this new group of Others is just the same old Others. Way back when the mercenaries were attacking the island Richard or Ben or somebody told the rest of the Others to go to the temple where they'd be safe. That's why Cindy and the kids are there. There are some new Others, maybe they always lived at the temple, but I think they're all on the same side. I think that also puts the timeline at "present," which I think is January 2007 (3 years after the original plane crash, when the 2nd plane crashes on the island w/ Locke's dead body).

The biggest question here is the Locke/Smoke Monster vs. Jacob battle that's going down. That should (theoretically) answer a lot. But how long will we have to wait for those answers?

The alternate dimension world is pretty interesting though. Shannon is missing because Boone said she didn't want to come. Who we see and who don't says a lot though. Clare eventually shows up. But what about Michael and Walt? Walt's aging in the real world would be problematic, but both of them missing is peculiar. Christian Shepherd's body missing is also pretty interesting. And what about Hurley saying he's the luckiest guy in the world? Since the incident never happened did the numbers never get out there and Hurley never played them in the lottery, "cursing" himself? Then how did he win the lottery? Is he really just supposed to be lucky?

What's most interesting, and kind of sad, about this alternate Lost world is that everything we've seen the characters learn over the past 5 seasons is gone. It's most painful when we watch Sun and Jin. They have to start all over again.

Ah, so many questions.

I think the saddest thing is that their live without the crash is worse. And, in a way, things still happen regardless of the differences. I know the creators have said over and over that the show tackles the idea of free will and destiny.

Also, it's Jacks fault. Naturally.

First crash meaning 815, second crash being 316

The 316 flight didn't crash, they merely disappeared from the plane (as the white light engulfed them) — or I should say I don't recall them ever saying that the plane had crashed (they all just end up in different time periods).

Also, how does the whole Dharma Initiative and Alvar Hanson, etc, fit into this?

The Ajira flight did crash on the island. Half the people disappeared, the other half stayed on the plane. Frank even walks out of the cockpit bloody, after landing on the runway (that Kate and Sawyer were building while Other hostages) and crashing into the tree line.

Word. I just don't remember it at all. All the seasons are becoming a blur of confusion at this point.

Sure we rant and rave about nothing being answered, but the best part of this show is that it makes us use our brains. That's really why we like it. That's why we have lively discussions with strangers on the internet about it. As soon as they answer a question, we can't think about it anymore.

What a bummer it will be if they actually do answer everything by the end of the season.

And it will all be Jack's fault. Naturally.

Bethany's first point was the big "ah-ha" for me ... what if, by the end of this season, all of the characters' lives intertwine in the non-plane-crashed real world in a bunch of miraculous ways, a-la Jack fixing John via surgery? Muy interestante ... and I'll bet that Aaron's two mom's are next.

Christian's body has never seemed to like staying put. Not surprised there.

After his "I've done a lot of bad bad things" speech, Sayid will most definitely end up becoming a goody-goody character who will save and redeem others. Being Jacob himself is a bit too cheap ... but it's possible. Something's awry, that's fur shur, with that unusually bloody/muddy spring water and all.

Kinda sad that Jack didn't get to stab Charlie in the throat ... sad in a sorry-about-your-situation-but-i've-always-wanted-to-use-an-epipen sort of way.

The Desmond bit (and the pre-flight decision of Shannon) was intriguing to me ... shows that the non-plane-crashed real world isn't just whitewashed. And wait ... was the stewardess who gave Jack the extra alchi-hol the same girl who showed up later among Holier-than-Others, identifying them from the "first plane crash"?

At least "it worked". Whatever that means.

Lance- The stewardess was the same at the temple and on the plane

Pardon me, but I haven't fully thought out this theory, but I think Christian and Locke are connected. I think Christian dies to get his son and the others on the island the same way Locke has to die to get Jack and the others back on the island.

I wonder what the title of the episode LA X means? Is this a comic book reference to an alternative reality?

I don't think the bomb ever went off. I think they just flashed to the future.

In the alternate reality I don't think Jin and Sun are married. They are not wearing wedding rings and Sun is referred to by her maiden name. I think Jin still works for her father. I think they money in Jin's bag is Sun's.

Sayid wasn't healed by the spring he was healed by Jack, who put his hands on him to give him CPR in an obvious reference to the scene in season one where he did the same thing and resurrected Charlie who was already dead. Kate says the exact same thing then, telling Jack to stop because he is gone. Likewise, he resurrected Charlie on the plane, healed Sarah's back in the emergency room and will fix Locke's legs in the alternate timeline. Whatever healing power Jacob has, Jack has it too, he just doesn't know it.

Tons of ideas floating around. I think Christian is gonna play big soon.

Fun stuff. I just wish that the network had not stretched it out so long. The big gaps cause me to forget things and to care less, and I do not want to take the time to re-watch the whole series.

Those are some good thoughts Jim. I hadn't noticed Jin/Sun wedding ring. That's pretty great (I also haven't read any LOST blogs or theory sites lately, to spur my suspicions. I agree, Christian is going to be important. I just hope he's not a manifestation through Silas/Not-John-Locke. I still say this is all Greek mythology.

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