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Recap: LOST 'What Kate Does' (S6, E3)

Tuesday February 9th 2010

by Paul Armstrong


An interesting repeat of an episode title from Season 2. If I can sum up anything about the sophomore episode of season 6, it's that we aren't given much in terms of revelations, but we're ushered into some interesting situations. Here's hoping that we start to pick up some steam (and answers) in the finale season (right?). Weak sauce.


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What We Learned

  • I don't prefer this whiny, angry-chip-on-his-shoulder Sawyer. 
  • Did I just see Mac? Yes, yes I did (this is the other episode Aldo was referencing with Kate)
  • Sayid is "infected" (I guess much like what Rousseau had talked about?). My guess is that he's not from the correct timeline. Interestingly he's tortured the same way he tortured.
  • Jack is asked to give Sayid a "pill" that will make him better (or reveal who he is, or send him back to where he came from)
  • Nice to know that Sawyer really did love Juliet.
  • WHOA! Ethan is apart of this multiverse world? Wow, that really alters the timeline of what happened and when ... though, keeps the "situations" somewhat similar. Interesting.
  • So it's not Jack's fault? Now nothing makes sense now.
  • What's up with that baseball? Interestingly, Dogen (we know his name now) is very much like Jack, leading a group of people who often don't like the decisions he makes. He's making "medicine" for Sayid and wants Jack to give it to him.
  • Jack's lack of faith comes back; so instead of giving the pill to Sayid, he takes it himself (which apparently isn't a good idea because it's poison).
  • Jack learns that he has a sister; and well looky looky Clare is alive and looking like Rousseau, roaming the jungle with a gun.

What Does It Mean?

  • I'm not sure I know more now, than I did before this episode. Sayid ISN'T Jacob and Clare is alive on the island (and hunting people like Rousseau, probably looking for Aaron, another "A" named baby). That's it. That's all we learned.
  • Who are these Temple dwellers? They were "brought" to the island much like everyone else, but why?
  • What is the "infection" — is it the same that Rousseau talked about with her shipmates? Is there already a Sayid in this reality so this one has to be killed/poisoned to balance things out? Lennon (he's the translator guy, honest) said he was already "claimed" — one would assume by Not John Locke. Which also probably means that not everyone who came over together on 815 were brought by Jacob.
  • What year is this? If I'm not mistaken Kate escaped with Alex not too long before she fled the island, right? But Aldo MacMac said the escape happened 3 years ago (which makes it 2007, right?). I still hold that the "maze" they went though to get to the temple takes them on a voyage in time.


A ho-hum episode, at least to me. I was surprised when it was over because it felt like it had never gotten started. Not a good thing when you're in your final season. What are your thoughts?




Comments for "Recap: LOST 'What Kate Does' (S6, E3)"

I thought this episode was pointless. It felt like a filler episode from season 3. This episode, in reality, could have been 3 minutes long: a minute of Sawyer crying, a minute of Jack looking puzzled, 30 seconds of Kate being a bitch, and 30 seconds of the Japanese dude saying Claire was alive.

Done. Time for an hour of nightly news.

My mind is starting to hurt over this but I will agree, not liking this Sawyer. Someone made a suggestion that is interesting... That Jacob was actually getting everyone back to the island to close the loop hole, that he represents evil and the man in black is actually good. Something to ponder.

Anyone remember what the other Other started to say and Aldo told him to shut up? He didn't want Kate and Jin to hear for some reason?

Jack actually knows that Claire is his half-sister. Claire's mom told him during Christian's funeral in "There's No Place Like Home Part 1"
Love your blog!!!

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