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Recap: LOST 'Ab Aeterno' (S6, E9)

Tuesday March 23rd 2010

by Paul Armstrong



So I missed a week of recapping last week, in what to me was a toss off episode with barely enough interesting information to fill 10 minutes (let alone a blog recap). And now I'm faced with the task of attempting to recap what is without a doubt the most revealing episode of LOST to date (one might even say they blew their wad; I wouldn't, but "one" would).


Seriously, what? What happened? What ... I mean is it ... but why with the ... and that beard! I don't know what to say. What do I say? I am at once shocked and amazed (and not just at Richard's beard). So this was basically an episode where the creators are telling all us grumblers (me, in particular) to shut up and see how this tastes. And how did it taste you ask? Well, a lot like gun powder and chinmeat (because my face exploded).


  • Richard, Richard, Richard, Richard. Oh poor Richard — well, aside from the amazing beard that ultimately wants to break free from it's own hell behind the cork that is Richard's face — has had such a long and painful life. He kills a doctor for medicine for his wife who dies anyway; gets bought into slavery to ship off to the "New World" (which really isn't that new, if its 1867) and crash lands on an island where everyone on the ship is killed by black smoke — where else could he be but in hell?
  • Esau (for lack of a better name) is evil. He's trapped and kept from corrupting the world by the island and Jacob (evil is the win, the bottle is Jacob, the island is the cork). He is the black smoke, but also not the black smoke. The body of Esau is what you'd call possessed by evil. Evil wants off the island, but to do so he has to kill whomever stands in his way (Jacob or anyone who suceeds him).
  • Jacob keeps bringing people to the island to prove to Esau that people aren't inherently evil, or born in sin, to prove that people can do good.
  • Richard becomes Jacobs' right hand man, granted eternal life (which somehow Jacob and grant, but he can't forgive sins or bring people back from the dead), to help bring "good" people to the island.

How any of this fits with Dharma Initiative or Charles Widmore or the entire other parrallel reality or zombie Sayhid  remains to be seen, but, we at least have a good idea of what the island is (or isn't). It appears to be highly spiritual and symbolic in nature. Other than that ... my brain is fried. I have a new dog whinning constantly, a wife exhausted and frazzled and crying, a baby getting a cold, and mounds of work and bills and taxes and things that make me feel like my own home is mini-hell.


So, what did you guys think?





Comments for "Recap: LOST 'Ab Aeterno' (S6, E9)"

i dunno. but liked the part about chin meat.

Richard seems to be the obvious successor to Jacob, right? He's the only one left (aside from the Locke-that-isn't-exactly-Locke) who is immortal, supposedly "knows what to do," has been charged with defeating Esau from beyond the grave by his beloved wife, and it would neatly resolve all the "the last X years of my life have been worthless" issues that the Jacobs death caused him. ...Along with the other obvious qualifications he has for the job, like experience. And that beard.

Whatever happens, and whatever it is that happened in tonights episode, I heartily agree that this was a seriously redemptive episode. Still wondering if they're gonna be able to wrap it all up though...

I don't think there is much to say because it was fairly self explanatory. I do like the Job references to the island.

Take care during your stress.

And the captain of the Black Rock was named something Hanso? A great-grandfather of the Dharma Initiative?

I thought it very convenient that the Black Rock stayed in tact while it "shipwrecked" in the "jungle" after obliterating the stone devil statue.

Yes, the Captain was Magnus Hanso; thus Alvar going to the island to find out what happened to his grandfather. I thought was sorta cool.

Let's not forget that a commercial airliner crashed and somehow a great deal of the survivors barely had a scratch. Maybe that electromagnetic energy allows people to "float" and land gently.

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