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Suffering for a cause

Saturday December 11th 2004

by Paul Armstrong

I think I'm going to give my advance notice that if by the end of December I do not know a timeline of when this "new service" will be implemented, I will be leaving at the end of January. I can't keep playing every week, especially when for over a year we've been told that "things will change".


So, we've come together, formulated ideas, ignited passion, prayed for guidance, and we are met with "wait". Maybe I'm just a big baby, but I can't wait forever - no one can, which is why people are exiting the church. Ugh. I just need to pray - guidance. Words. Focus. Vision.


I've got the kids this morning. Nothing exciting - no big whoop. Just playing around. Abbie's drawing. Elliott is playing drums. I'm disgruntled. I have so much work I'm far behind on - logo design, concept layouts, finishing a website, making changes to another website. Never ends. I hope I get paid soon. I have 2 huge invoices I'm expecting in - and a few "tasks" to boot ... Too bad it's not Monday, I could say I have the case of the Mondays.




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