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Recap: LOST Finale


In the 6 years that I've been watching LOST I've moved into a new home, had another child, gotten a new car, written hundreds of blogs about LOST, seen my parents divorce, 2 cats die, a basement flood and 1000s of gray hairs invade my noggin. It's an investment, and typically one expects a return on an investment. Did LOST have a good return on what was their final offering?


Recap: LOST 'Ab Aeterno' (S6, E9)



So I missed a week of recapping last week, in what to me was a toss off episode with barely enough interesting information to fill 10 minutes (let alone a blog recap). And now I'm faced with the task of attempting to recap what is without a doubt the most revealing episode of LOST to date (one might even say they blew their wad; I wouldn't, but "one" would).


Recap: LOST 'Sundown' (S6, E6)



Sometimes being a good person isn't enough, if you're a bad person in just one way. Sayid is a good person. Except he has a nasty habit of seeking violent revenge on those he feels have "wronged" him. It doesn't matter which world or reality he occupies, his name is always Vengeance.


Recap: LOST 'Lighthouse' (S6, E5)

Jack looking at the ocean


Dude, did you see that thing with the names and the numbers and the reflections and the time travel and the scar and the weird glances between people and the cryptic messages and how remember in Riven when it was just like this and this guy thinks that this other guy isn't the guy who he says he is and how there's a bad person who's going to destroy everything and OUCH. I need an aspirin and a shot of whiskey ... Who's ready for this?


Recap: LOST 'What Kate Does' (S6, E3)


An interesting repeat of an episode title from Season 2. If I can sum up anything about the sophomore episode of season 6, it's that we aren't given much in terms of revelations, but we're ushered into some interesting situations. Here's hoping that we start to pick up some steam (and answers) in the finale season (right?). Weak sauce.


Recap: LOST 'He's Our You' (S5,E10)


Everyone must choose sides. As the tangled web of causation, ripple-effects and motivate all collapse into a heap of "what the hell?", we're introduced to another concept – purpose. Abuse, burning vans, Scotch and dipping sauces all await on the newest episode. As always, this post contains SPOILERS, so don't read if you want to be sulled.


Recap: LOST 'Namaste' (S5,E9)


The new recruits. Alternate times. Christian Shephard in the cabin. A young Ben Linus with a sandwich. All that and more from this weeks LOST episode. As always, don't read this if you don't want any spoilers!


Recap: LOST (S5,E5)

I'm beginning to think that LOST is recreating "Goundhog Day" except substituting the "reliving one day" to "reliving 100 years" over and over and over and over. If you haven't watched the episode, then I suggest you not click the title to enter, but if you have - well, let's comsizerate on the mind-imploding face punch "This Place is Death" was.


Recap: LOST (S5,E4)

As if things couldn't get any more confusing on LOST - aside from the time travel without time travel and a dangling hydro-bomb, NOW we have to deal wtih the possibilty that the entire story is a complicated concoction of an insane physicist, to get a girl; either that or its about a knife and a compass.


Not all those who wander are lost

All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost; the old that is strong does not wither, deep roots are not reached by the frost. From the ashes a fire shall be woken, a light...


Recap: LOST (S4E08)

MEET KEVIN JOHNSON This is it; till the end of April. What We Learned Flashfoward: Michael So Michael's on the boat, and he's there because he wants to die. But Ben wants him to sabotage the boat and "save his friends" or some such...


Recap: LOST (S4E4)

What We LearnedFlashforward: Kate After being rescued, Kate is on trial for all her past crimes. Jack testifies as to her "character" (lying about how she protected and fed the "8" survivors -- 2 other dying? -- and that he did...


Recap: LOST (S4E3)

THE ECONOMIST It's been awhile since I've recapped, hope you'll forgive, but there's some amazing stuff to dive into. Quick Recap Recap: What's happened up to this episode? Well, in the future Hurley see's visions of Charlie, freaks out, goes on...


Recap: Lost (S3E22)

THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS What We LearnedFLASHBACK FOCUS:Jack So, Jack got really depressed, tried to kill himself (by jumping off a bridge) and caused an accident -- fortunately Jack is in the business of saving live, and is able to save the...


Recap: LOST (S3E21)

GREATEST HITS What We Learned:FLASHBACK FOCUS: Charlie Again, completely unnecessary flashback. The emotion of the scenes without the flashbacks were fine. I understand why they did them -- to relive Charlie's greatest moments/memories of his life -- since he thought he...


Recap: Lost (S3E20)

THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN What We Learned FLASHBACK FOCUS: Ben Linus Wow. One of the more meaningful flashbacks in the past 2 seasons. Ben was born as his mother died. His father resented him. The man who "picked them up" after the...


Recap: Lost (S3E18)

Doc What We Learned: FLASHBACK FOCUS: Sun and Jin Sun and Jin were happy early on in their marriage. Crash-land Chick is INCREDIBLY language gifted -- I think she spoke about every known language. Some woman blackmails Sun by telling her that she'll reveal...


Recap: Lost (S3E17)

Another pretty solid outing by the LOST crew. Let's dive in and see if we learned or discovered anything.



What We Learned:

FLASHBACK FOCUS: Desmond We know that Desmond loved Penny, Penny's father hated Desmond (and threatened him; much...


Recap: Lost (S3E16)

One of Us What we LearnedFLASHBACK FOCUS Juliet, Juliet. Well, there was quite a bit more to learn about Juliet. We know she was recruited because of her abilities to make someone "infertile", pregnant (as with her sister); but we didn't...


Recap: Lost (S3E15)

What We Learned:FLASHBACK FOCUS: Kate. Again. Not a completely necessary flashback, though we do see that Kate had a lengthy and important interaction with Cassidy (Sawyer's girlfriend whom he unwilling conned). Cassidy helps Kate to have a final word with her...


Recap: Lost (S3E14)

EXPOSE What we Learned:Flashback Focus: Nikki and Palo, oh how little we knew thee. The show opens with a frantic Nikki digging in the dirty, burying something and wandering toward Sawyer and Hurley; collapsing in a heap managing only to say "Pilates"...


Recap: Lost (S3E9)

strangers in a strange land What we learned:FLASHBACK FOCUS: Jack We learned that Jack got a tattoo in Thailand from a mysterious woman who can "see who people are". Aside from having sex with her for a month, there wasn't much...


Recap: Lost (S3E7)

What we learnedFLASHBACK FOCUS: Juliet: Juliet was a brilliant medical researcher, who worked under the thumb of her manipulative ex-husband. Her research was (from what I could gather) in impregnation without fertilization(?). Her research is pursued by a "company" from Portland,...


Recap: Lost (S3E6)

Are we really only 6 shows in? What we learned:FLASHBACK FOCUS We focus on Kate. She was going to get married, apparently -- with the name Monica (fleeing her past?). Lord knows she gets around (how many boyfriends/husbands now?) There's even Taco...


Recap: Lost (S3E5)

What we learned FLASHBACK FOCUS Mr. Eko. Nothing new revealed -- just shows us how Eko continues his life as a "priest" after his brother was shot (and got on the plane only crash in the island). The black smoke is back, and...


Recap: Lost (S3E4)

What we learned: FLASHBACK FOCUS: Tonight was focused on Sawyer and his time in jail. He and the warden don't exactly get along (so it seems), and Sawyer "befriends" a new rich inmate who stole money from the government. The woman whom...


Recap: Lost (S3E2)

What we learned:FLASHBACK FOCUS Sun and her affair with that dude she was originally arranged to marry, well; Sun's father catches them "in the act" so to speak. Sun's father asks Jin to "take care" of the situation (send "the message")....


Recap: Lost (S3E1)

What we learned:

The "Others" have a very nice Leave it to Beaver community situation. Or is that "had"? Until they saw the plane crash overhead, and "Henry Gale" (astoundingly quickly) impliments a strategic plan on what to do (find...


Recap : Lost (S2,E23)

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Did they say the sky turned violet? But seriously. Whoa. What we learned: I don't know where to start. Henry is the man. Jack has a plan. Locke was wrong. Desmond came back. Gi-normous magnet disruption turning the ... earth ... bright violet. Russians...


Recap : Lost (S2,E22)

What we learned: No flashbacks this week, instead we follow Michael on his journey immediately after he left the hatch in search of Walt. And say hello Miss Clue. Miss Clue is introduced to Michael (after he is dragged to the "Others"...


Recap : Lost (S2,E21)

What we learned: Libby is not dead (yet), but mortally wounded. Or maybe mildly damaged. Michael is obviously not too happy about that, knowing she could rat him out. She manages to utter "Michael" with a look of horror and terror...


Lost : Recap (S2, E20)

What we learned: First off. WHAT THE HELL!!? Michael shoots Ana and the Libby and then himself in the arm (and one woudl assume that he then kills "Henry"). What!? Why? I certainly did not expect that, at all. Poor Hurley!...


Lost : Recap (S2, E19)

What we learned: Bernard and Rose bicker so more -- Bernard wants to build a giant sign that can be seen from space or planes or something, but everyone else pretty much thinks the idea sucks; even Rose. Rose and Bernard are...


Lost : Recap (S2, E17)

What we learned:

Locke is back into my "intriguing characters" list (along with Ecko). Sayid, Charlie and Ana do find the ballon and the grave which (supposedly) houses Henry Gale's wife. Randomly as Locke is in the hatch there is static coming from...


Lost: Recap (S2,E16)

What we learned:

Sun is pregnant (something we've know for weeks now), but apparently she's unable to have children, we find out in a flashback. But even that's not true, its Jin who's unable to have children. What we learn is...


Lost: Recap (S2, E...) Oh, wait ... ANOTHER damn rerun

I seriously don't get the rerun madness. What is preventing them from showing new episodes!? Lame....


Lost: Recap (S2,E15)

What we learned: So Claire is having flashbacks from the 2 weeks she was taken (in Season 1) and seeking some therapy to recover the memories. And whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Hatch #3 is a medical facility. Quite a nice one....


Lost: Recap (S2,E14)

What we learned: Flashback character this week is (drum roll) > Sayid (we all breathe a sigh of reliefl, thankfully an interesting character, I swear I'd punch my cats face if they did another lame flashback, like Dingo Claire, sorry, long...


Lost: Recap (S2,E13)

What we learned: Jack and James (aka Sawyer) hate each other again. The statute of kindness when hurt has expired. Jack and Locke hate each other again The effort to make Ana Lucifer nice isn't working (her being "cheery" seems odd). She's convinced...


Lost: Recap (S2,E... OH wait, its another damn rerun

Why? Why? They couldn't pick a worse time for a rerun - after a lame episode, make a linger on its lameness for another week. Suck....


Lost: Recap (S2,E12)

What we learned For some reason it seemed important to give us yet more insight into Charilie's past. In the family, he was the rescuer, the protector and the provider. So when he starts to have nightmares about Aaron, he gets...


Lost: Recap (S2,E11)

So ... that took a decidedly different turn (at the end). What we learned: Michael has, in fact, lost his mind. He knocked out Locke, locked up Jack and took off. Is this the sickness? Is this what happened to Rosseau? We get...


Lost: Recap (S2,E8)

What we learned: Kate is back, and she can play golf. Ana Lucifer continues to make me hate her. I hate. Hate. Hate. The attempt to make her sympathetic; not working. She is also a cop - big surprise - with a...


Lost: Recap (S2,E7)

What we (now) know: The beginning of the episode -- brilliant. Was as captivating, horrific and unnerving as Episode 1. The tail-enders were scoped out, and picked off for who was the "fittest" and "best" (in other words, good) by the "Others"...


Lost: Recap (S2,E6)

What we know: The Tail-enders where preyed upon heavily by "the others" Ana Lucifer remains a bitch Shannon's father was the guy in the hospital/emergency room right next to Sarah (with Jack) and was involved in accident that paralyzed Sarah Mr Echo continues to...


Lost: Recap (S2,E5)

Whoa. Great episode. What we learned It seems as if Walt is apart of The Others (the Teddy bear).I don't think I believe that anymore. Mr. Echo rocks The Tail-enders have "trust" issues Jin can catch fish The Others make no sound or tracks and perhaps...