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Get Off My Lawn: Forty Thoughts On Turning Forty

Lots of nothing, and then there's something


I knew this day would come. It had to. I suppose it didn't have to; but for all my miserly, curmudgeonly tones of anger, I do actually love my life; my family, my friends. And now here I am, finally aged into my already elderly tendencies. I am turning 40 years old tomorrow. 


39 Steps Closer Towards The Gates Of Heaven

This is Italy but not Italy. Real but unreal.


I have a tradition of reflecting upon another year of living with an (now) antiquated "blog" post that's part humor (in my mind), rememberance and heart-felt emotion. The older I get the easier it is to get lost in the could-haves, and memories — so that I don't forget who I am and who I still want to be.


Thirty Eight and Eighty Three


I can't say that I feel any older on this specific day than other day. They all add up, compounding on one another. I feel more weathered. More beaten. More worn. Slower to rise, slower to respond, slower to recover. My gut is more padded, my hair more gray. While I feel more "grown up" somewhere inside me I feel able to be young. Somwhere in this accumulation of thirty eight years of life I'm finding the purpose with all my previous years.


Thoughts on getting older



Today I turn thirty-seven. Big whoop. I'm neither the first nor the last to turn thrity-seven and I feel that I've hardly lived at all. The truth is that I'm middle aged (if you consider the average age of the American male as seventy-four). Half my life is past me and its inevitable to avoid the "what have I done" conjectures.


Luke Edward Armstrong, The Younger

baby, sleeping

Luke Edward Armstrong. Born today at 10:22am at Bethesda North Hospital in Cincinnati Ohio; weighing 6lbs 11oz. Welcome to the circus boy-o. Your chin will save lives!


Drum Roll Please.......

It's Paul's birthday, so make a big wish for him, send him offensive texts or just leave a nice message on our site =-) He is thankful for all of his wonderful friends and family near and far; we both...


Happy Birthday to me

Well, I'm a year older. Whoopee. Birthdays are complex mess for me, as I stated last year (and the year before that)-- is this a male thing? Are any of you guys the same as me -- you...


Happy Birthday little man

Today Elliott is a big 5 year old. My parents come into town today and Saturday is a fun little celebration with 5 of his friends (for those of you without kids, a good rule for kids birthday parties, never...


The surprise weekend

I'm writing to you from the living room of my parents house in Delaware after the weekend of the surprise 65th birthday celebration of my mom. We've been planning the trip and her party for nearly a year, and...


Tell me the story of my birth

The night before Abigails birthday, she asked me to tell her about how she was born (not "how" she was born, we're not to those revelations yet), so here's what I told her on (this past) Friday night: Almost 7 years...


Almost Six With An Anticipated Growth Spurt (overnight!)

Saturday is the big day; Abigail will be celebrating her sixth year of life and words cannot adequately describe how excited she is! Tonight, before bed, she let me in on a little secret- something she is convinced of:...