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The dusty key to the past of me

There is a light and a moth and the truth


This past weekend a we had a large crate delivered to our driveway. Within it contained some old furniture and several boxes. The stuff of my childhood dispersed across hundreds of miles, a casualty of divorce and moving on and aging. Boxes of musty old clothes and wrinkled drawings and small tokens of the boy I once was a very long time ago.


No wonder I'm a racist, paranoid, psychotic, split personality freak who loves Jesus


It takes having your own children to see the twisted and warped views that were subtly instilled within you (and that you often unknowingly shackle on your kids).


Some old communion cups and a coat

Some old communion cups and someone's coat


Our memories will always betray us. Our memories have no care for facts. We remember things not as they literally were, but for the epherma that surround the moment. The memories become stories that treasure, new pictures of the way we felt. Moments pass and we can't hold on to them, but memories endure.


Armstrong Family Circus : The Annual Report

I've started, restarted, typed and retyped, I've mulled and pondered all the various things I could or should say to accurately summarize the year that pasted and I'm left finding it hard to find words. Not because its hard to...


When there isn't much to say, say nothing at all

That's what I've been telling myself. Why needlessly ramble on when I have very little to say? Its not because nothing is happening, but its not as if something is happening either. "Something" has the usual ingredients of the mundane...


And Sonya said,

Well, it is good and I recognize it can be bad soon enough, so I just accept and thank God for the times when life goes well. Abigail has adjusted well to school and so has Elliott. ...