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On being stuck and being stuck

Waiting for Superman


Freedom is a big deal. Conceptually it seems simple enough. Unbridled options. Untethered dreams. Limitless options. That is until you realize each one of us is governed by our own history. Our own bodies, realities and rules. We're stuck. While we're not stuck with our lives in all cases — you can change careers, homes, cars, even spouses. You're still stuck.


I learned to laugh through my tears


You have to make an effort to be happy, to find joy, in the midst of hardships; otherwise a darkness begins to envelop you, swallow you whole; and you find yourself quickly lost on a road you never intended to go down.


I was just thinking about ... wisdom and freedom

boy smoking


I know I talked at length about "free will" but the recent story about 13 year old Daniel Hauser (and "his" decision to not have chemotherapy treatment for his Hogkin's lymphoma) has me thinking about wisdom and freedom. Obviously in a country of freedoms and priveleges (which is another story all together) there are still rules and laws; things which while "free" to do, you'll also face consequences for any choice.


So I was thinking about ... choice

in the heart of paper vines


Choice is a big deal to we humans because it coincides with our natural desire for freedom, but choice isn't nearly as vast and "free" as we really think, or at the very least, isn't as simple as we make it out to be. The appearance of having an endless bounty of choices and freedoms is really a limited path wherein to take action.