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This is how the end begins

Moving forward, looking back


And this is how the end begins, a small amount of change at a time. A quiet unraveling. A soft and steady suffocation. And then it's hard to breath. Things come unbound. An empty well that draws no water. You look back as you move forward, and there it all lies, telling the story of now and how you're here and ahead is dark, but you keep moving.


To fade into


Holidays are ripe with memories, nostalgia, sentimentalism, strife (or contempt), and occassionally calm and relaxation (but I have three kids, so that's merely a situation that other people lie about). As I grow older — and successively see my past fade away into nothingness — I can't help but preoccupy myself with thoughts of what (my life) is and what (my life) will be.


Recap: LOST 'Sundown' (S6, E6)



Sometimes being a good person isn't enough, if you're a bad person in just one way. Sayid is a good person. Except he has a nasty habit of seeking violent revenge on those he feels have "wronged" him. It doesn't matter which world or reality he occupies, his name is always Vengeance.


Recap: LOST 'The Incident, Part 1 & 2' (S5,E16)

This is Pa... I mean Jacob


You want answers or do you want the truth? I'm sorry, you can only have one or the other, and in the final, two-part season finale you get neither and both. Who is Jacob? What does he do? Well, you will find out but not really find out. You do get a snarky Jack, a timid Kate, a snippety Sawyer, a defiant Locke and a long-overdue fist fight. Be warned, spoilers ahead!


Recap: LOST 'Dead is Dead' (S5,E12)

Benjamin Linus

The Monster, The Temple and John Locke the savior. We finally get some insights into the true nature of the ancient island, Ben is judged by the "monster", the rift between Widmore and Ben is discovered, oh, and NEVER TRUST Ben, that and much more from "Dead is Dead". WARNING, SPOILERS AHEAD.


Recap: LOST 'He's Our You' (S5,E10)


Everyone must choose sides. As the tangled web of causation, ripple-effects and motivate all collapse into a heap of "what the hell?", we're introduced to another concept – purpose. Abuse, burning vans, Scotch and dipping sauces all await on the newest episode. As always, this post contains SPOILERS, so don't read if you want to be sulled.


Recap: LOST (S5,E7)

John Locke


Suppose that throughout history, for all of time, there are individuals who continually live, eternally, to find themselves in the past to do things in the future which happen again and again and again throughout time -- dejavu, reincarnation, chance, coincidence, miracles -- a spiraling story of predetermined people creating the history of mankind. Or maybe its just about 2 men and their egos, and a nerdy scientist who loves a girl and the collateral damage they engulf in their pursuits. This is the beauty of LOST.


The other Armstrong curse

It seems our family has a tendency to get animals with health problems. It started with Socrates, our Colorado cat. When we moved to Cincinnati in '98 he started having odd problems -- he couldn't walk. His legs would shake...