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Get Off My Lawn: Forty Thoughts On Turning Forty

Lots of nothing, and then there's something


I knew this day would come. It had to. I suppose it didn't have to; but for all my miserly, curmudgeonly tones of anger, I do actually love my life; my family, my friends. And now here I am, finally aged into my already elderly tendencies. I am turning 40 years old tomorrow. 


Obligatory Best Of The Decade: Music



Decades only come every ten years, which makes reflection upon those years past a necessity. Over the next few days I will attempt to post my personal best lists in music, film and television from the decade that (nearly) was — and believe me, its not easy when one has a short term memory disorder, because decades come only once every tens years (wait, did I say that?)


2008 Music Review

I have a hard time remembering all the albums that were released in a years time (sometimes I get to albums and artists much later than everyone else), but thank goodness for the internet, and specifically WikiPedia for such things to keep me refreshed. So here's the mandatory list of the best, worst and most boring music (that I found) in 2008.


Distractions: Where I Contemplate Apologizing For My Lack Of Posting But Realize That It Will Take Far Too Long

Yeah, I know it's been awhile. I've just had my head down and have been focused on work (finishing numerous projects in the last 2 months). But, I still want to provide (decent) distractions, so here we...


The Case of the Tuesdays (Part XII)

It seems that lists are the best way to blog about culture -- 10 Best TV Feet, 25 Best Computers In the Background (which obviously would contain Seinfeld's anniversary Mac); and I'm partly to blame for those lists -- I...


December, Already!?

Wow, time is flying by. I can't believe Christmas is right around the corner. Oh wait, maybe I should say "holidays", since Christmas may be offensive and threatening to some poor thin-skinned babies who can't tolerate differing viewpoints - wah...


36 Reasons To Be Happy To Be Turning 36 Years Old

they're just shuffling the sheets


So, I'm turning 36 this Sunday, and as the years methodically pump by I find that its increasingly easier to find fault with life, people, things -- everything. And I know that 36 isn't "old", but its the oldest I've ever been. So, to prove I'm not a complete curmudgeon, here's 36 reasons its good (to me) to be alive (in no particular order).