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Misguided notions of personal responsibility, natural law and God's will

wet branches


Bad things happen to good people all the time. We pray and pray to God for help, we plead to God to interviene. We hold our breath, make a wish, and expect the outcome to always go our way. When it suits our needs we ask God for help, when it doesn't, we act as if He doesn't exist. The finger pointing always goes back up.


We are finding who we are

Little Feet


It amazes me how easily we all define another person by how they aren't like us — we identify people by their differences: they're not a woman, they're not a Christian, they're not gay, they're not from California, they're not like us. We all naturally seek those that support our belief system, our culture, our world view because its comfortable and predictable (even if we like to pretend that we don't). It's time we start seeing what makes us simliar.


What is belief?

I see it with my eyes closed

Everyone believes in something. Whether that something is mankind, God, Allah, Joseph Smith or Xenu, we all hold beliefs (if we 're conscience of it or not). Beliefs vary from spiritual, to material, to moral, to political; and our beliefs stem from a foundation.