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Angst And Joy: The Top Dad Moments of Whatever in 2012


Let's call this the end of the year rant against my life and humanity and everything that I've pent up for 365 days (which isn't to say it's all about the bad, there certainly was more than enough awesome things in life this year). These are the things that have happened in our lives in 2012.


A moment of clarity

Too much light to deny


The Bible says that God is our Father, an analogy that only a parent can fully appreciate. Every now and then God gives you a tiny glimpse at the overall importance of your life, your role, your purpose — and that moment will bring you to your knees. As a father I had a distrinct moment of clarity the other night, not merely the realization that time escapes us, but feeling the rush as time flies.


Traveling is a nightmare and other fairly obvious observations

Zealous fan


This past weekend I was afforded the luxury of being able to spend a solitary weekend with my father in Kansas City, Missouri. I lived in K.C. (Overland Park to be exact) for about 5 of my formative years (7th grade through 11th grade). One of our Sunday traditions was for dad and I to go to K.C. Chiefs games. My dad and I are not always a lot alike, but I as I grow older (and throw off my youthful individualism for "mature" appreciation) I have noticed more similarities -- and one way we bond is through sports.