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Recap: LOST The Candidate' (S6, E14)

The Candidate


Black verses White. Good versus evil. Faith versus Science. Man versus Nature. Black Smoke versus Water. The battle continues and escalates and takes a few victims along for the ride in what might be and what isn't; and at this point I'm not willing to concede that anything is real in the world of LOST.


Recap: LOST 'Dr. Linus' (S6, E7)


A man without action is nothing. One can talk about how good he is, but without the results of doing good, words are menaingless. And throughout our lives without a good dose of grace we're sure to fail. To do what is selfish. To pander to the expectation that we're unable to do good. Without grace there is no redemption.


It takes a lifetime to build, and a day to destroy

A lifetime to build, a day to destroy


Families are built through generations and generations, but a family can be destroyed in a single day. By a single act, that turns into an avalanche and buries everyone. The truth is not always what you see or hear or get, but somewhere hidden between, and when broken people hide themselves from their own truth those cracks find a way out.


District 9, A Review

District 9

The best films are the ones that allow us to fully immerse ourselves in a world that is wholly believable and fully realized. Great films reveal the truth about ourselves.