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It's a journey, not a race

West Village


As you age, you will start to feel the squeeze of time. Your own time. And specifically how much of it you have left in this brief life. Truly none of us know if we'll see another day, or another hour, but beyond being frozen in the mire of our inevitable fatality, you go with the averages, do some math, and figure out that you have less life ahead (than more). And you start to ask yourself — is this it, have I achieved all that I am or can be?


Let's talk about your big but

Elliott discovers the naughty bits


Life is nothing if not full of decisions. Some are pretty simple and essentially non-consequential (whether to drink Dunkin Donuts coffee or Starbucks, whether you sleep on your back or side, etc) while others are complicated, risky and downright frightending (like deciding whether to quit a job, or move to a new city, or to get married, etc). The more difficult choices in our life are determined by one thing; or "but"s.