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Small Lessons In Loss


Happiness has become an abandoned house. Once alive, once full of warmth and activity. Over time, piece by piece, things move away from it until there are only bones and echoes. And I've done it myself, I've watched time come in and take things and done nothing. It's time to rebuild.


Recap: LOST 'Everyone Loves Hugo' (S6, E12)

It's his fault


I'll be honest. I haven't known what to recap or even say about LOST the last few episodes. Not for lack of things to say, but for lack of nice things to say. It's not because I don't like the episodes either, I do. But I think I'm unsteady or unsure as we tiptoe to the end of what could either be brilliant and poignant or vapid and empty. I'm hoping for the former.


Recap: LOST 'Lighthouse' (S6, E5)

Jack looking at the ocean


Dude, did you see that thing with the names and the numbers and the reflections and the time travel and the scar and the weird glances between people and the cryptic messages and how remember in Riven when it was just like this and this guy thinks that this other guy isn't the guy who he says he is and how there's a bad person who's going to destroy everything and OUCH. I need an aspirin and a shot of whiskey ... Who's ready for this?


A moment of clarity

Too much light to deny


The Bible says that God is our Father, an analogy that only a parent can fully appreciate. Every now and then God gives you a tiny glimpse at the overall importance of your life, your role, your purpose — and that moment will bring you to your knees. As a father I had a distrinct moment of clarity the other night, not merely the realization that time escapes us, but feeling the rush as time flies.


Recap: LOST 'The Incident, Part 1 & 2' (S5,E16)

This is Pa... I mean Jacob


You want answers or do you want the truth? I'm sorry, you can only have one or the other, and in the final, two-part season finale you get neither and both. Who is Jacob? What does he do? Well, you will find out but not really find out. You do get a snarky Jack, a timid Kate, a snippety Sawyer, a defiant Locke and a long-overdue fist fight. Be warned, spoilers ahead!


Recap: LOST 'Follow The Leader' (S5,E15)

Richard Alpert


Submarines, time travel and hydrogen bombs; is there anything else one could even want? I say no. In this episode of LOST, "Follow The Leader" the John Locke of Season 1 (the cocksure, egomaniacal Locke - yeah, I said cocksure, shut your face about it) returns, but like so many times before will his new found faith and confidence betray him?


Recap: LOST (S5,E6)

Jack reads Locke's suicide note


Sadly from the very first moments of "316" when Eloise uttered the words "window of time". I began thinking that perhaps there is a corrolary with another group of 6 time travelers (perhaps the greatest time travel comedy of all time). Alas, there is not. But we've gained more clues into the tightening plot of LOST. It should go without saying (but won't), if you haven't see this episode, read no further.


Recap: LOST (S5,E4)

As if things couldn't get any more confusing on LOST - aside from the time travel without time travel and a dangling hydro-bomb, NOW we have to deal wtih the possibilty that the entire story is a complicated concoction of an insane physicist, to get a girl; either that or its about a knife and a compass.


New skin

This past weekends "spring forward" clock adjustment has had its usual affect on the families collective sleep habits (its dark when I get up, I hate that -- HATE. THAT). I think most of us out there are in the...


Traveling is a nightmare and other fairly obvious observations

Zealous fan


This past weekend I was afforded the luxury of being able to spend a solitary weekend with my father in Kansas City, Missouri. I lived in K.C. (Overland Park to be exact) for about 5 of my formative years (7th grade through 11th grade). One of our Sunday traditions was for dad and I to go to K.C. Chiefs games. My dad and I are not always a lot alike, but I as I grow older (and throw off my youthful individualism for "mature" appreciation) I have noticed more similarities -- and one way we bond is through sports.


Layers of Providence

The layers of God's providence astound me, yet I still don't trust, I still doubt His love and fear for those things which I cannot control.



It's rare that we get to do much spontaneous. On Tuesday afternoon Sonya asked if...