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I'm still not made of bacon and other things that may or may not have happened the past 10 years

The carnival is over


Every time when I draw close to the end of one year and embard on another, I marvel at the unexpected things that unfolded. Throw them all together into a full decade and I'm left wondering what the last 10 years have meant; and what the next 10 years will bring. It's both terrifying and wonderful.


It takes a lifetime to build, and a day to destroy

A lifetime to build, a day to destroy


Families are built through generations and generations, but a family can be destroyed in a single day. By a single act, that turns into an avalanche and buries everyone. The truth is not always what you see or hear or get, but somewhere hidden between, and when broken people hide themselves from their own truth those cracks find a way out.


Why can't we just be honest?

I still find pieces of your presence here


Honesty might be the "best policy" but it's one of those things that most us are horrible at practicing. Horrible. We tend to shirk the truth of how we are, or even who we are, for bland safety. In the end we only hurt ourselves by hiding the truth.