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Twenty Thirteen, The Learnering


Forty one new years have come and gone (granted, there were a good dozen or more that I either wasn't aware of or didn't care) and as I get older it's impossible not to reminiscence about what accumulated in the year that's past. But there's no sense in just listing the things that have transpired in a year without taking full account of why they were and are important. If you can't determine what you've learned, whether good and bad, then you're missing the chance to improve your life — and believe me, there isn't much life to go around.


A moment away from being


There is never a moment in life where you know who you are. As each moment and decision and reaction and circumstance unfolds and disappears, all we are left with is reflection. Memory. You might know what to do or say, but we only know who once were.


Merry 6-6-6 Day

So we're leaving on vacation (about time) this weekend, Friday to be exact, and I have quite a bit of work to get done. So what do I do? I create a photo site for myself instead of real,...


Suffering for a cause

I think I'm going to give my advance notice that if by the end of December I do not know a timeline of when this "new service" will be implemented, I will be leaving at the end of January. I...