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Lost: Recap (S2, E9)

Wednesday November 30th 2005

by Paul Armstrong


What we are learning:

  • Sun and Jin are happy and smiling. I like that (and Jin finally got those cuffs off; 'bout freaking time)
  • Kate killed her father (Wayne), who she thought was her step-father beacause he was abusive (most likely in many ways). So, she blows up the house, her mom turns her in, and she feels undeserving of anyone "good" because she hates herself.
  • Locke show Michael and Mr. Ecko the orientation video. Mr Ecko happens to have the missing pieces of the film (from the other bunker). "Don't mistake coincidence for fate". All they learn from piecing/splicing the film is that using the computer is forbidden and could cause another incident (is the incident the "monster" that we heard in Season 1?). But Michael didn't pay attention and guess what -- the computer talks back and it says "Dad", is it Walt (or a decoy?)
  • Shanon is buried, Sahid mourns.
  • Sawyer loves Kate; which he happens to tell Jack (which Jack just loves to hear).
  • The Black Stallion is on the island (more evidence of the zoology experiment - pretty horse).
  • Ana the bitch is smooth talking Jack. Why Jack? Why would you do this -- she sucks, run away!
  • And next week ... Mr Ecko is gonna kill some ass, the monster returns, and Michael gets a bigger chip on his shoulder

What we still don't know

  • We still need a bit more back history on Jack and Sarah. That ought to be an interesting one - how it also relates to Shanon's father and perhaps the island and Locke
  • and, we still need to learn how Locke was paralyzed.
  • The bunkers and what they do/mean ... well, I can see we're getting there slowly as they reveal a bit more about the orientation (maybe find more film?).

Overall, one of the most revealing episodes in quite awhile, full over everything -- great flashbacks, further progression in learning what is going on, and less Ana.




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