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First day of kindergarten

Monday August 23rd 2004

by Paul Armstrong

It's a late start for the day. Abbie just got back from (a short day of) her very first day of kindergarten. She's quite excited, to the point of being angry that she's not able to be able school - unfortunately full day doesn't start in it's entirety till Thursday.


Elliott starts preschool next month; we'll see how that goes. Sonya and I are so tired of the tantrums, fits, crying, hitting, whining, insanity - it's as if our kids have been possessed. This duty of teaching our kids, giving them the intellegence needed to separate from us (gradually) is painstaking. Beyond the knowledge of facts and information, is what most people severely lack; knowledge of emotions; and teaching our children that is difficult. Perhaps it's some grand experiment doomed to fail - teaching our kids to know what they feel, why the feel it, and how to express it appropriately. But we believe in doing so, they will be able to make better decisions and cope with all of life better. We'll see. Right now it feels as if we're floundering. I have a short day, about 9 hours worth of work to cram into 4 hours.




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