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Recap: Lost (S3E16)

Wednesday April 11th 2007

by Paul Armstrong
One of Us What we Learned
  • FLASHBACK FOCUS Juliet, Juliet. Well, there was quite a bit more to learn about Juliet. We know she was recruited because of her abilities to make someone "infertile", pregnant (as with her sister); but we didn't know that the entire island was in need of her services. Apparently all women on the island are infertile; and if they do get pregnant, they die. Juliet was supposed to fix that; in a 6 month stint. 3 years pass and Ben won't let her leave. Juliet just wants to see her sister. Know if she survived. Ben says he can cure her cancer (she doesn't believe him). Bing bam and there's a satellite feed to right were her sister is with her son Julian -- sadness, crying; yeah she's alive. Ben won't let Juliet leave. Then the plane crashes, they get a list of everyone on board (via their communications satellite and ) and find Claire.
  • Juliet doesn't receive a very warm welcome on the beach. Kate and Sawyer look happy
  • I liked the exchange between Hurley and Juliet. It felt sweet, and cautious, like a child would question a stranger -- I kept expecting him to say "You have much more hair under your nose than my dad"
  • Claire is sick. Juliet says she can save her; after all its mostly her fault.
  • Jack is back in charge, but different. He's already been brainwashed to the other side via Juliet
  • Sun is in big trouble -- she's pregnant (unless there is no real danger)
  • In the end we learn that our fears were right. Juliet really is just playing Jack. It was a plan all along. The abandonment, the hand cuffs, Claire being sick. All a plan to get Juliet accepted by the survivors. And in one week, the Others will be back to get her (or get Sun?)
What We Don't Know
  • How much Juliet is willing to do, and how much we can trust her now
  • What is the plan with her?
  • What was that symbol on the tree where Juliet got the meds? Not seen that area before
  • Did she really come in on a submarine, or is that sub just decoration, a decoy, a thing to give people (false) hope of leaving?
  • What are the Others doing with Locke? Where did they go?
  • And the usual suspects -- Penny and the Rescuers, Walt and Michael and their great escape, Giant statue feet, the mysterious Black Smoke monster
What did you guys think? I thought it was a solid episode. It moved very well. We are clued into a lot of new things; they were revealed in a way that didn't make you feel like things are buried, or that things were covered over; but that we're now moving, going somewhere. And that's a good feeling.



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