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Lost : Recap (S2, E18)

0th 0000

by Paul Armstrong



What we learned:

  • We get a glimpse of why Hugo/Hurley was in a mental hospital -- although a vague one. Something about the "accident", and his mom putting him in a mental ward, and a "him" and Hurley's weight being an issue (in his mind) for "his" death.
  • It also seems that Hurley has multiple personality disorder - revealed in a nice twist (that Sonya and I saw coming from the Dr took the picture) revealing Hurley's issues. Hurley thought he had cured the disorder which represents itself in the form of "Dave" (whom appears on the island). Hurley thinks he's nuts, Dave says he's dreaming, Libby saves the day.
  • "Henry Gale" refuses to say his real name, and the real Henry Gale was killed by someone -- though fake Henry says that the "leader" isn't Zeke.
  • Mr Eko is building something, but apparently its not a Starbucks.
  • Hurley wailed on Sawyer pretty good (and you gotta love that Jin just laughed).
  • Sayid seemed as if he was going to shoot fake "Henry" (expressionless pouty Ana Lucifer stopped him) -- I would imagine fake "Henry" pissed himself at that point.
  • Locke gets some alone time with fake "Henry" - who then tells Locke that he never pushed the button, and that the countdown went off and there were noises (like a "magnet") and then it started over. First off, how does a "magnet" sound? How would fake "Henry" know that?
  • Libby was in the mental hospital with Hurley - and looked very stoned or drugged or lost. Lovely twist.

What we don't know:

  • What happened that put Hurley in the hospital? Why was Libby in the hospital? Is Libby even a real doctor?
  • What is Mr. Eko building?
  • Will Locke now allow the countdown to cycle (over and over) to decipher the writing on the wall? Who wrote it on the wall? How do the blast doors coincide with the countdown (and thus the light going off and the blacklights coming on which is how the "map" was written)?
  • What is fake "Henry Gale"'s real name? What actually happened to the real Henry Gale?
  • Who's the this scary leader that fake "Henry" is referring to? Is it Hanso? Is it the "monster"? Is it another character we've seen in a flashback? The orientation?
  • Where did the food come from? Does the electro-magnet in the Swan hatch have something to do with it (like pulling balloons located on the island toward it?) Is there something in the food -- which is why its all Hanso/Dharma branded?
  • Who's is the real "Sawyer" -- is it Locke's dad?
  • Next week: Jack and Kate seem to cross the line to barter with the "Others", but get caught up in a net (and fake "Henry" has an evil sneer). I wonder who the flashback will be -- Libby?.

Pretty good episode; not as revealing as last week, though nice to tie up some loose ends (though introduce some new opened knots). What did I miss? What are you thoughts?




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